Children of the world, the music first comes to mind when I think of "Man Of The World" written by Peter Green. I first met Peter in a West-end Studio when we were guests of The Gass.

The Gass just finished writing the music for the production "Catch My Soul" a Jack Good musical. I played percussion for this musical with the band. I didn't meet up again with Peter until a few years later in 1972. I was working part-time with Steel-n-Skin an Afro-Carribean outfit and driving minicab to meet expenses. One day, as I was driving I saw Peter. He asked me to drive him around London. We spent the day talking about music, the blues and musicians we both knew. Peter had a recording contract with Coral Records.

Peter's brother, Mick Green wrote most of the songs on the album "White Sky". I was based in West Germany when this project was put to me by Peter's management. On one of my trips back to London Peter took me to meet his Lawyer Margaret Bennett. Later he asked me to choose a number of musicians to record the album "What Are You Going To Do?".
I was still committed to Kultural Stabil but came to the decision that I would work with Peter. My decision was confirmed when I met Peter's  family his mother, father and two brothers. I started to wind down my project in Koln. Vernon Kell and Margaret Bennet then asked me to get more involved with the production of the album "White Sky"