The following month we worked with Greg Brown, Pete Barden, Reg Isidore and Gus Isidore; playing around London until we put Kolors featuring Peter Green together. The politics around Peter were there long before I met him and they didn't stop while we were working in Kolors.

I read things about my position with Peter, that I was just saying things he didn't want the hussle to deal with. In some way, it could be true.

The fact was that I was paid by his company to do the work just as other people have been paid since.  As a musician, I was playing the Blues long before I met Peter, so we had a lot of interests in the roots of the blues in common. I always found him to be a sincere person; kind, imaginative and hopeful. He was sharp in a cool sense. He loved playing and listening to all kinds of music.  Kolors was good for restoring Peters confidence in himself. His experience of mental breakdown and the demands of fame had made him quite vulnerable. He needed to trust the musicians around him.


Peter Green


Zurich Live Kolors featuring Peter green

Zulu Gone West MP3

The Case (MP3)