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Two tracks from Toots Sweet are available online to listen to:




Children of the world, the music first comes to mind when I think of "Man Of The World" written by Peter Green. I first met Peter in a West-end Studio when we were guests to The Gass band.

They just finished writing the music for the production "Catch My Soul" musical. In fact the Gass was making their first and last album. I didn't meet up again with Peter until a few years later in 1972. I was working part-time with Steel-n-Skin, Afro-Carribean outfit and driving minicab when the music work dried up.

One day, as I was driving I saw Peter. He asked me to drive him around London. We spent the day talking about music, the blues and musicians we both knew. Peter had a recording contract with Coral Records.
Peter's brother, Mick Green wrote most of the songs on the album "White Sky". I was based in West Germany most of the time but when I was in London Peter and I spent sometime together. Peter took me to meet his Lawyer Margaret Bennett; who made all of Peter's decisions and held the position as head of all his estates. Later I was asked to invite a number of musicians in order to record the album "What Are You Going To Do?".
I was still committed to Kultural Stabil but came to the decision that I would work with Peter. My decision was confirmed when I met Peter's mother, father and two brothers. I started to wind down my project in Koln. Vernon Kell and Margaret Bennet then asked me to get more involved with the production of the album "White Sky". I was now working with Peter and Godfrey Mclean as our drummer.



on the following month, we worked with Greg Brown, Pete Barden, Reg Isidore and Gus Isidore; playing around London until we put Kolors featuring Peter Green (ex Fleetwood Mac) together. The politics around Peter was there long before I met him and they didn't start while we were working in Kolors.

I read things about my position with Peter, that I was just saying thing he didn't want the hussle to deal with. In some way, it could be true.

The fact was, I was paid by his company to do the work just as much as other people is being paid now. As a musician, I was playing the Blues long before I met Peter, so we got a lot of interests in the roots of the blues. I always find him as sincere person; kind, imaginative and hopeful but sharp in a cool sense. He loves playing all kinds of music and women, he reads them like a book. The short time we worked together, it was good, and some of the other time, some people tried to complicate things.



PETER GREEN, legendary founder-member of Fleetwood Mac, returned to the scene making some solo albums and during the recording of "Whits Sky" discussed the possibilty of forming a new group for live appearances with percussionist JEFF WHITTAKER.


In the Autumn of 1982 kolors was formed, developing a fusion of Afro-Caribbean rhythms to underline the blues materials that Peter had become so well known for. EMMANUEL RENTZOS, from Ghana is the keyboard player previously working with Speedy King, Toots and the Maytals, Johnny Nash and Osibisa. ALFRED BANNERMAN, also fron Ghana, came to London with a group called Boombaya and now provides the sympathetic rhythm guitar part in Kolors.

After working on recordings with Alphonso Johnson and Isaac Hayes he worked with Osibisa for a while. GREG TERRY-SHORT is the group's drummer and he comes from the north of England. previously worked with Head Waiter, Ozzy Osbourne and the Wild Angels. WILLY BATH, on bass guitar completes the line-up after having worked with Greg after Wild Angels, and previously with Rough Diamond and Jackie Lynton.


Love the One You are With ( Steven Stills Solo Album)
JoJoLo ( Akido)
We have come (Akido)
Zulu Gone West (The Case of the Blues)
TheCase (The Case of the Blues)
AWADE (We have come) by Biddy Wright. Arranged by AKIDO
MIDNIGNHT LADY by Biddy Wright. Arranged by AKIDO
HAPPY SONG by Biddy Wright.
JO JO LO (Delicate beauty) by Peter Andrew (Foxy).
CONFUSION by Biddy Wright, Speedy (Neemoi Acquaye), Peter Andrew and Jeff Whittaker.
WAJO (Come and Dance) by Biddy Wright.
BLOW by Biddy Wright, Speedy (Neemoi Acquaye), Peter Andrew and Jeff Whittaker.


Produced: Ronnie Lane
Engineer: Phil Donn
Recorded at Marquee Studios
Mastering: Gilbert Kong
Art director: Ronnie Lane
Publisher: H G Music Inc.
Line up:
Speedy (Neemoi Acquaye): percussion
Peter Andrew: guitar
Biddy Wright: bass and lead vocal

Jeff Whittaker: conga
backing vocal: Fayi Crown and Daniel Peter
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