Jeff Whittaker’s credentials as a community arts organiser are rare, and possibly unique. In the first place, he was one of the first workers in this field. As early as 1963 he set up and operated Afro-Caribbean Cultural Centre in Cambridge, where artists and performers could develop their work. At that time there were no established channel through which to organise such an enterprise, and little in the way of public understanding or support. Jeff himself had no training in arts administration, either, but it soon became obvious to those who observed this early effort that he had and usual talent for the job. This showed itself in his impressive tenacity and infectious enthusiasm – qualities which have distinguished his work ever since.

Love the One You are With ( Steven Stills Solo Album)
JoJoLo ( Akido)
We have come (Akido)
Zulu Gone West (The Case of the Blues)
TheCase (The Case of the Blues)