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As percussionist and showman I was one of the popular members of the Jokers Wild, a Cambridge University band. Playing and improvising with Dick Heckstall-Smith, Art Theman, Hank Wangford, Dave Gelly, Syd Barrett and Dave Gilmour and many others set me on a path as a professional musician.
Born Japheth Silvera Whittaker in April 1941 in Moore Town Jamaica I started my professional career as a percussionist with the Greatest Little Soul Band in the Land. JJ Jackson was the Front-man. We produced our first album in the 60's at De Lane Lee Studio in London. My reputation grew in the 70's through working with Steven Stills on his solo album which included the world wide hit 'Love The One You 're With' My long held interest in rhythm leads me to work on projects with Lord Eric at the Round House Drum Clinic.Later on, I went on to set up Kultural Stabil in Köln (West Germany) which was Sponsored by the local council. Working with master drummers and master dancers from West Africa Ghana; doing workshop and seminars in Dartmont University an d colleges around the North Rhine West Fallea.

I remember the hundreds of student in the great halls moving to the rhythms and direction of the West African's master drummer beats of the drums and the master dancers action, it was really Rock n' Roll. West African, Nigerian, Carribbean, Rock n' Roll, Jazz, Blues music together taste to come




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